I. VAS GREEN DAY RUN 2021 information:
    1. Time: 05:45 – 08:00 May 16th, 2021 - Place: Sala Mega Campus, 10 Mai Chi Tho, District 2, HCMC.
    2. Participant: All VAS’s teachers & staffs/ Students from Kindergarten to Secondary/All parents from VAS internal also external
    3. Race distance:
    - 2.7 km: No awards will be given for this run
    - 5.5 km: Awards for 6 fastest racers( 3 for Men and 3 for Women)
    II. Registration information:

    I confirm my attendance to VAS GREEN DAY RUN 2021 as follows:

    Add racer +

    Participation fee: 310.000 VND/ participant
    o For those who have already had the last year Green Day Run T-shirt and would like to reuse it for this year’s event, the participation fee will be 210,000 VND/ person.
    o Check the T-shirt size guide HERE
    o After finishing your registration, please contact campus admission to complete your payment.

    Terms and Condition

    There are two options for parents to register:

    Option 1: Direct registration:

    o Register with Admission Team: Parents/ students register directly and make payment at their respective campus’s Admission Office (The Admission Team will issue receipts for parents/ students); or

    o Register with Homeroom Teachers: Parents/ students register and make payment through homeroom teachers (Receipts will be issued as per the class list and then sent to parents/students)

    To download the registration form please CLICK HERE

    Option 2 – Online registration: Register at and then make payment at campus’s Admission Office. Students can also represent parents to make payment at the Admission Office. The Admission Team will issue receipts for parents/ students

    After completing the registration and making the fee payment, homeroom teachers will receive KIT from Admission Team and transfer KIT to students.